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SONORO takes the privacy and security of the personal data of the community members very seriously.

All information obtained from this research will be processed by SONORO in an anonymous manner. Names and address details will not be saved together with survey answers. Researchers who work with survey answers do not see which answers belong to which panel member.

SONORO strictly adheres to the secrecy law. Article 5 (2) of the Statistical Act obliges SONORO to strictly treat all collected data confidentially. The same law applies to the interviewers. 

We follow the rules that the government has drawn up in the Personal Data Protection Act. We will never provide access to panel members administrative information (name, address, phone number and email address) without our members permission. Therefore, the information will not be used for advertising, spam, telephone sales or other commercial purposes.

In addition, we promise that the questionnaires filled out will be used solely for scientific and policy research.

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